For All Occasions

Welcome to Pandu Paper Products

Our vision is to embody a diverse and inclusive culture where all stakeholders are valued, engaged and contributing to company success. To add value to all stakeholders by offering products that are off high quality, value for money and environmentally friendly.

Pandu Paper Products is a manufacturer of a wide range of paper products under the Carousel brand. The company is based in Durban, South Africa and has been in existence for the last 28 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and distribution of paper products for all occasions . The company proudly provides employment for about 120 employees from the nearby townships and is also a Level 1, BEE contributor. Being a local manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being innovative and very competitive to meet the needs of our valued customers throughout South Africa and abroad.


The range of products manufactured are as follows:

Everyday Products: Muffin cup holders, Light foil, waxed paper, baking cases, muffin cups, paper doilies, serviettes, paper plates, gift wrap, crepe and tissue paper, cellophane, gift bags, etc.

Party Products: Party plates, boxes, masks, banners, blow-outs, horns, squawkers, streamers, etc.

Christmas Products: Christmas crackers, gift tags, gift wrap, etc.

Back to School Products: Brown kraft rolls, printed designer pre-cut book covers, labels, poly slip- on covers, poly rolls, printed kraft rolls, etc.

Packaging: Popcorn boxes, Printed paper packets, cake boxes, trestle paper, etc.

Wedding/Occasions: Wedding sweet boxes, foiled serviettes, foiled sweet boxes, thank you tags, serviette rings, etc.

Current Market

Pandu Paper Products is a national supplier with agents and reps throughout South Africa.
Some of fhe major customers are as follows:
Massmart Group: Supplier of various products under the houagensse brand, including Africa stores. Makro: Supplier of various products under the Makro house brand.
Shoprite: Supplier of Christmas crackers, crepe paper, streamers and back to school products. Pick n Pay: Supplier of everyday products such as muffin cups, muffin cup holders, etc.
Heneck Sacks/Crazy Stores: Supplier of Christmas crackers, party products, etc.
Spar KZN: Supplier of Christmas crackers, party products, gift wrap, back to school, etc.

The company currently exports to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and is making inroads into the U.K market.